Labor Statistics for Truck Drivers in Arkansas

Arkansas trucker job statistics

Working as a truck driver can be exciting. After all, it provides you with the opportunity to travel the country and see things not many people get to see. It’s liberating. It also offers a way to provide for your family with a stable career and income. If you live in Arkansas, you may be curious if the job market is supportive of truck drivers at the moment. We’ve put together some information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help ease your mind.

Arkansas Truck Driver Jobs as of May 2012

As of May 2012, there are 33,060 people employed as truck drivers in Arkansas. This is very high, with 28.63 of jobs per one thousand positions falling into this industry. The state also has a high location quotient of 2.40. The location quotient shows how concentrated the number of people employed as truck drivers are in the state as compared to national averages. Anything over 1 is high.

Arkansas Truck Driver Salary Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Arkansas truck drivers bring in a mean of $17.85 an hour and a $37,130 yearly salary. Income related to this job is above average and promises a comfortable lifestyle for truckers in the state.

Other Statistics

The Central Arkansas area actually has one of the highest concentrations of jobs out of all the nonmetropolitan areas in the country with 3,370. Job outlook is positive for truck drivers in this state.

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