Truck Driver Benefits for Arkansas Drivers

The Arkansas State Department of Labor has registered a sharp rise in the number of vacancies for truck drivers while on the other hand, the state department of Motor Vehicles has noted a marked increase in the number of applications for commercial driver’s licenses. These two developments are inter-connected and they definitely point to one conclusion—truck drivers are much in demand and this makes truck driving a great job to hold. Truck driver benefits are only for the skilled and certified trucker, for example, one who has gone through the rigorous training regime at one of TDA Drivers truck driver training facilities in Arkansas.

Here’s what awaits you after you complete the Truck Driver Training and Over the Road Driver programs.

Steady Pay

With the increase in the demand for truck drivers, employers have been compelled to offer competitive employee packages to truckers who have successfully completed CDL training and state certification.

Benefits Galore

Apart from the benefit of an increased salary, Arkansas truck drivers are also are provided a host of perks like medical and life insurance coverage, retirement plans, and vacation and travel expenses. Some employers also offer bonuses for transporting certain  cargo, clocking a certain number of miles, and for being an employee for a specific amount of time. It is rightly said that these trucking benefits rival those offered by many blue- and white-collar companies, and even some in the Fortune 500 bracket.

Flexible Work Hours

The increase in the demand for truck drivers has also led to a vast improvement in the working conditions of these professionals. These benefits can be in the form of flexible work hours where truck drivers can choose their hours of work and the kind of hauls they would like. This enables them to have more off-time between shifts and spend more time with their families.

Job Security

One of the greatest trucking benefits is the stability of the profession. Trucking jobs were hardly affected during the period of recession, and with the world becoming more inter-connected, industrialized, and businesses spreading across geographical boundaries, truckers will be more in demand than ever before.

The excitement of being out in the open and driving among the dramatic vistas of Arkansas—the Crowley’s Ridge Parkway, the Boston Mountains Scenic Loop, and the Mount Magazine Scenic Byway—however, is included within the package of trucking benefits.

Our preferred school, TDA Drivers has molded training programs such that the attendees—from Little Rock to West Memphis and from Newport to Jacksonville—are empowered with the knowledge and the skills required to grab the afore-mentioned trucking benefits for themselves. Call CDL Arkansas at 1-800-TRUCKER (1-800-878-2537) to learn what we can do to transform your truck driving career options.